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Holiday Campaign: Kick-Off
Dear Partners and Friends,

As families and friends begin to gather for the holidays, the Boston Basics is recognizing the important roles we all play to support the families of the youngest children in our city.

We invite you to join us in a campaign this seasonIt Takes a Community. We are highlighting the critical learning period during the first three years of life and how our collective work makes a difference.

We want to start by thanking the Boston Basics community and our partners. Together, we have made great strides this year. Trusted messengers in every sector of society—whose work deeply influences parents, caregivers, infants, and toddlers—are sharing The Basics citywide.

Over 100 sites are now incorporating The Basics into their daily work, including major hospitals, community health centers, libraries, early childhood programs, community centers, barbers, and faith-based organizations.

We hope you will participate by customizing the campaign message to highlight your organization’s work and help us spread the word. Or, invite your neighbor or church group to watch a Basics video. See other ways to join in below.
A Basics Community Contract

In the spirit of community, we are sharing A Basics Community Contract video.

It’s based on a poem written by Ron Ferguson, Faculty Director, Achievement Gap Initiative at Harvard University. Feel free to post on social media.
Join In
  • Keep an eye out for It Takes a Community billboard PSAs throughout the Commonwealth. Big thanks to Mayor Martin J. Walsh’s Office, one of our founding partners, and to the Massachusetts Department of Transportation for their collaboration.
  • Join us on Facebook and like our page, as we encourage communities to give the gift of time to infants and toddlers by doing The Basics. We will also be featuring the myriad ways partners support the development of children.
  • Share the videos. We will focus on the Maximize Love, Manage Stress video (Basics #1) and share tips that support parents & caregivers during this busy season.

    #ItTakesaCommunity  #DoTheBasics  #Family

We appreciate your celebrating this holiday season with us as we all continue to rally around and support the families of Boston’s youngest children.

The Boston Basics Team
The Boston Basics are 5 fun, easy, and powerful ways that every family can give each child a great start in life.

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