A Holiday Message to the Basics Community

A Holiday Message to the Basics Community
Happy Holidays!

This is the season for celebrating life with the people we love and reminding one another joyously that our lives are anchored in families and communities. It is also a time to remember that no matter who we are, no obligations are more profound than caring for children and passing along traditions to younger generations.

A great thing about living in the 21st century is that in addition to age-old customs, we can learn from science. The Boston Basics Campaign (BBC) distills the science of early-childhood development to help us understand what we can do together to ensure that all of Boston’s babies get a strong start toward reaching their potential.

Before beginning the BBC, we interviewed hundreds of Bostonians to ask what advice they would offer to parents of infants and toddlers. They emphasized important things like spending time together, being loving and patient, talking, reading, and following a nutritious diet. The responses showed that they already knew instinctively what is best for children.
The Basics add some additional ideas that are less top-of-mind, but also critical for early brain development and learning:

  • Managing stress – for both caregivers and children
  • Pointing to help infants associate words with objects
  • Playing grouping games to help toddlers realize that numbers correspond to sets of things
  • Noticing that infant and toddler play involves exploration and opportunities for impromptu teachable moments
  • Discussing stories when reading with little ones

Each of the above is a theme in the science of infant and toddler caregiving and central to The Basics. These practices promote the brainpower and the social, emotional, and academic skills that all of our children will need to thrive.

When relatives and friends gather this season, remember to turn family moments into learning moments by adding a good measure of The Basics. In the meantime, offer to watch the kids for stressed-out parents and caregivers who need some time to breathe or do holiday shopping.

As we enter this holiday season, let us be confident that The Basics are gifts to share with families of every community. Please talk about The Basics not only with the people you love, but also with others who you think might find them helpful. Send people to the website (www.bostonbasics.org) to watch videos and download booklets. If you are the parent or caregiver of an infant or toddler, The Basics are for you! Otherwise, please encourage the caregivers in your life to incorporate The Basics into their daily routines and affirm them enthusiastically when they do. It really matters!

The bottom line is that all infants and toddlers deserve to experience The Basics. Spreading them widely will brighten every hue in the rainbow of cultural traditions that we strive to honor and preserve in the City of Boston.

Best wishes,
Ron Ferguson

Faculty Director
Achievement Gap Initiative at Harvard University

#ItTakesaCommunity #Family

The Boston Basics are 5 fun, easy, and powerful ways that every family can give each child a great start in life.


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